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Desktop Operating System Market Share

Seeing is believing.  We work mostly with small businesses and they are mostly Windows based operations.  There are some businesses where an Apple product is a better options.  Printers and publishers come to mind.  Why do most businesses choose a Windows based computer?  The first thing is cost.  A basic desktop computer with an i3 processor can be as little as $500.  Obviously this is the “Pinto” version, but it can still be used.  A basic Mac all-in-one starts out at $1,099.  In most cases, both options still need to add Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365, but that’s an even point.

The second piece is the availability of software.  From a business standpoint, the more options you have to operate you business and keep your employees productive, the better off that you are.

The third area where a business owner would be more likely to purchase a PC vs Mac is the upgrade factor.  Just about every part of a PC can be upgraded. Also, because of openness and competition between hardware vendors, parts are usually cheaper and more readily available for the PC.  Since Apples owns the hardware and the software you are at their discretion.

Do Macs get viruses?  In fact they do, but are harder to hack than a Windows machine.  In the attachment, you’ll see that Windows is being used in 90% of desktop computers.  The malware/virus authors are more likely to make a bigger splash if they write code to disrupt a Windows computer.

Graph of Desktop Top Operating System Share