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What causes data loss?

Data loss can occur due to a variety of reasons. The most common is when you hard drive is starting to fail. Tracks and sectors can become corrupt leaving the data that was there to be lost. Other reasons are viruses, operating system failures and improper coding.

How does data recovery happen?

Data recovery can happen in many ways. If the hard drive is still readable, we can remove the hard drive from the computer and put it into either another computer to read the files or put it into a cradle attached to a data recovery computer. If the drive cannot be read, in rare cases, we carefully dismantle the hard drive and read the data track by track, sector by sector to get back your valuable data.

What is the success rate of data recovery?

The success rate of data recovery depends largely on how long the drive has been failing. If you have had trouble and have ignored the warning signs the data will be harder to get back. If you use our online data backup system, 7Backup, it’s as simple as logging in and downloading your files to a new hard drive.

Is there anything I can do to recover my data?

If you can still boot up into your operating system, you can copy your files to an external hard drive or flash drive. If you are using a reliable backup system, such as 7Backup, it’s as simple as downloading your data from a convenient web portal.

What is the data recovery confidentiality policy?

Your data is protected by the integrity of our staff. Rest assured that your data is as important as ours. We’d never want our data to be in the wrong hands and you should expect the same. Once recovered, data is locked up in a secure location so that in event of unforeseen theft it will remain in our hands.

Do you recover laptop hard drives?

Absolutely! With more and more computers being mobile we have the skill to recover those drives as well as the legacy desk hard drive. In fact, it’s becoming more and more common to see hard drives of the laptop variety.

What types of media can you recover data from?

We recover data from all conventional hard drives. Flash drives and solid state drives (SSDs) are nearly impossible to recover data from. Because they are not as prone to failure as mechanical hard drives, it’s normally not an issue.

Can you recover data if I’ve had a virus attack?

Certainly! It’s the most common reason that hard drives comes to us in the first place. Viruses normally attack the operating system and rarely the data itself. It’s best to have a backup solution in place prior to a virus attack, but if you don’t we can cradle the drive or insert into a backup computer to recover your valuable data.