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Infrastructure Consulting

When it comes to productivity, you want every minute of the day to count. That could mean a larger capacity e-mail server, faster CAD workstations or could even mean moving data to a cloud environment. We Know Technology. Let us help keep you focused on the important things …. your business.


We work with Dell and Lenovo for high-end business class computers. There are many differences between buying a business class computer from a partner and buying one from a retail outlet.

  1. Retail computers are mostly made from cheap materials and typically don’t last very long. Business Class computers are made from tested materials and have a 12 month life cycle. What that means is they will be same for that period of time. In a business environment where you have multiple computers it’s imperative to have the same equipment for each employee.
  2. Retail only have “home” versions of operating system loaded on them. If you need to connect to a network, you’ll need the “professional” version which business class has.
  3. Business Class computers have the option of multiple versions of operating system. For example, if you have an office full up Windows 7 comptuers, adding a new computer with Windows 8 might not be the best idea. The best way is to transition your employees to the new operating system so that everyone is productive.
  4. Warranty for a business class machine is 3 years, minimum. That means that it’s built to last. Retail stores only offer a 1 year warranty on their computers.

Does your business need 10/100 or gigabit switching? Does it need to communicate over a fiber line? Do you have any Wi-Fi enabled devices that need to work with your network. We can come in and evaluate your environment to make recommendations to improve your productivity and your business as a whole. That could mean a number of things. We look at Age of Networking Equipment, Age of Wiring, Testing the existing wiring on those workstations that are a little slower.